Alexander Edward Macksoud

Alexander Edward Macksoud

Alexander Edward Macksoud can be visited in his office situated at 21515 Hawthorne Boulevard Suite 1150 Torrance, CA, 90503. Not many family, divorce and separation, child custody, alimony, marriage and prenuptials attorneys like Alexander Edward Macksoud who studied law at Southwestern University and earned a degree in Juris Doctor. When he started practicing law in 1971 he knew what his areas of strength are i.e. family, divorce and separation, child custody, alimony, marriage and prenuptials. The rating of Alexander Edward Macksoud is 8.0, which tells you a lot about his abilities. 


Family, Divorce & Separation, Child Custody, Alimony, Marriage & Prenuptials


21515 Hawthorne Boulevard Suite 1150 Torrance, CA, 90503



Professional misconduct We have not found any instances of professional misconduct for this lawyer.

State License status Year acquired Last updated
CA Active 1971 08/25/2015

School Major Degree Graduated
Southwestern University Law JD - Juris Doctor 1970

El Camino College N/A A.A 1966

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