San Francisco Criminal Defense Lawyers

You can find a lot of people claiming to be San Francisco criminal defense attorneys, but the truth is they are from other cities like Los Angeles, Fresno or any other place. But that is not the case with us. We offer portfolios of only San Francisco based lawyers.

It is difficult to find competent lawyers who have conquered almost everything that came their way starting from cases like capital murder to rape as well as child molestation and federal fraud to multi-task force drug conspiracy cases. The success these lawyers have achieved in such a short time period has never achieved by anyone else. People trust us as they know we can give them what they want. Remember there are no second chances, so don’t think about compromising less than the best.

The type of cases handled by these lawyers include San Francisco DUI defense lawyers, violent crime charges, sex crime charges, financial crime charges, domestic violence charges, drug crimes, burglary and theft, weapon crimes, burglary and theft crimes and fraud and identity theft crimes. Don’t hesitate to contact for free consultation with the best attorneys. Our reviews show that we have helped people find the best lawyers available in San Francisco.  People contact us because they know we are the one they can trust. The moment you hire us, your problems are not your problems anymore but they become ours.

John Francis McCabe II criminal defense lawyer in San Francisco

John Francis McCabe II

John Francis McCabe II is an extra ordinary Appeals, Federal crime, Lawsuits and disputes, Personal injury lawyer and the office located at 1759 Burlingame, CA, 94011. John Francis McCabe II studied law at University of Michigan Law School and acquired the degree of Law. John Francis McCabe II began to practice law in 1971 and gained valuable experience. In San Francisco, John Francis McCabe II is ranked among the top Appeals, Federal

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Jeremy Joseph Sugerman

Jeremy Joseph Sugerman

Jeremy Joseph Sugerman, specialized in Appeals, Commercial real estate, Lawsuits and disputes and lives in San Francisco. The office of this talented lawyer located at 222 Kearny St #650 San Francisco, CA, 94108. In year 1990, Jeremy Joseph Sugerman got license to practice law and earned the degree of JD - Juris Doctor from George Washington University National Law Center. Jeremy Joseph Sugerman is a professional Appeals, Commercial

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Sheri Ann Murphy

Sheri Ann Murphy

Sheri Ann Murphy, one of the best Construction and development, Contracts and agreements, Lawsuits and disputes, Employment and labor lawyers, is based in San Francisco and office is situated at 660 4th St #108 San Francisco, CA, 94107. Sheri Ann Murphy was licensed to practice law in 2003. Construction and development, Contracts and agreements, Lawsuits and disputes, Employment and labor are main areas of practice. Sheri Ann Murphy went to

Mark Douglas Lonergan

Mark Douglas Lonergan

Mark Douglas Lonergan, a well reputed Lawsuits and disputes, Equipment finance and leasing, Debt collection lawyer in San Francisco, has an office located at 1 Embarcadero Ctr San Francisco, CA, 94111. Mark Douglas Lonergan attended University of Virginia School of Law and obtained the degree of Law and acquired license to practice law in 1989. Principal practice areas include Lawsuits and disputes, Equipment finance and leasing, Debt collection. You simply have to dial

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Dana Carabet Howells McFadden

Dana Carabet Howells McFadden

Dana Carabet Howells McFadden attended which has produced a number of talented Lawsuits and disputes attorneys. Dana Carabet Howells McFadden studied law at University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law earn a Law degree. In 2008 Dana Carabet Howells McFadden started practicing law and developed interest in Lawsuits and disputes cases. Now people just dial (650) 866-6298 to ask about suggestion. Dana Carabet Howells McFadden greets clients in a well decorated office situated at

Phone(650) 866-6298
Lilit Asadourian

Lilit Asadourian

If you dial (415) 659-4878, you can talk to Lilit Asadourian who is a famous Litigation, Commercial real estate, Lawsuits and disputes attorney. For lawful advice you will have to visit Lilit Asadourian's office located at 101 2nd St Ste 1800 San Francisco, CA, 94105. Lilit Asadourian was a student of University of California at Los Angeles School of Law. Lilit Asadourian studied law and earned a Law degree. When it

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Edward Kong Low

Edward Kong Low

Visit Edward Kong Low's office which you find at 525 Market St Fl 26 San Francisco, CA, 94105-2734 now. Talk to Edward Kong Low if you are facing Corporate and incorporation, Litigation, Class action, Lawsuits and disputes charges. Edward Kong Low offers legal opinion which you can get by simply dialing (415) 882-5000. Since 2001 the lawyer is practicing law. Edward Kong Low studied law at Yeshiva

Phone(415) 882-5000
Roger Edward Gold

Roger Edward Gold

2000 is the year when Roger Edward Gold started practicing law. Roger Edward Gold studied law and got the degree of Law from the Fordham University School of Law. When you dial (415) 986-1338 ask for legal opinion or visit the lawyer's office to be found at 353 Sacramento St Ste 1140 San Francisco, CA, 94111-3657. There are not many Business, Lawsuits and disputes lawyers who are just a phone call away

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Catharine Michelle Tolson

Catharine Michelle Tolson

Catharine Michelle Tolson went to Golden Gate University School of Law to study law and earned a degree of Law. When Catharine Michelle Tolson started practicing law in 2010, and took interest in Litigation, Lawsuits and disputes, Construction and development related cases. Your sixty minutes free consultation, in lawyer's office sited at 555 Montgomery St Fl 11 San Francisco, CA, 94111-2544. Catharine Michelle Tolson started winning awards and

Juliana E Pisani

Juliana E Pisani

Juliana E Pisani knows how to make clients happy. For a Real estate, Litigation, Lawsuits and disputes attorney, who is based in San Francisco, it is very important to make clients feel relaxed. After dialing (415) 296-0900, to get legal opinion, you can visit Juliana E Pisani's office situated at 423 Washington Street, Suite 200 San Francisco, CA, 94111. The role of , where Juliana E Pisani went

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April Pineda Santos

April Pineda Santos

April Pineda Santos is ranked among the top Litigation, Intellectual property, Lawsuits and disputes attorneys. People know that they can have their problems reduced by visiting April Pineda Santos's office situated at 465 California St Fl 5 San Francisco, CA, 94104-1814. Make sure you get information by just dialing (415) 397-2222, before you visit the office. After completing the degree of Law from University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, April

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Madeleine Whitney Douglass criminal defense lawyer in San Francisco

Madeleine Whitney Douglass

Madeleine Whitney Douglass tops the list of passionate Litigation, Lawsuits and disputes, Intellectual property, Government attorneys. By dialing (415) 835-7540 anyone can get consultation from Madeleine Whitney Douglass. Helping people who are in trouble is what this talented lawyer does in office located at 255 California St Ste 1150 San Francisco, CA, 94111-4924. After earning the degree of J.D from Santa Clara University School of Law, Madeleine Whitney Douglass got

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Commonly Handled Cases by Criminal Defense Attorneys San Francisco

DUI Defense

You need to know that blood alcohol content of .08 is over the legal limit, when you are driving in San Francisco, California. In addition conviction, can be seriously destructive for personal and professional life, most of the times resulting in fines, imprisonment or increased insurance rates. What makes a competent lawyer different from other DUI defense lawyers is his first priority is to keep you out of jail. There are a lot of options, California laws, provide judges in punishing people convicted of DUI.


Drug Crime

There are many people who are very confused after the approval of medical marijuana laws in California as they don’t know what is legal and what is not in terms of growing, possessing and selling marijuana. The job of a talented lawyer is to defend people arrested, charged and jailed for alleged marijuana crimes.


Domestic Violence

If you are living in San Francisco, you should know that domestic violence crimes are aggressively prosecuted here. Conviction may result in jail sentence of up to one year, large fines, mandatory alcohol education classes and mandatory counseling sessions. But an experienced lawyer does whatever it takes to get your charges reduced or dismissed.


Assault and Battery

Domestic disputes, fights in bars and road rage incidents are common causes of assault and battery charges. You should never take them easy as assault is one of the charges commonly encountered in courts of San Francisco, Oakland and Bay Area. Remember conviction, according to California law, may result in jail sentence which can be destructive for your career and family. But well prepared and experienced attorney is able to present your case in the way no other can.


Theft and Burglary

According to California law, there are two categories of burglaries, first degree burglary and second degree burglary. Remember it is not the concern of the state to prove that you actually stole something. Their only concern is to proven intent. Conviction may result in large fines and imprisonment. But experienced defense lawyers know how to get what is best in your interest.


Sex Crimes

There are serious penalties if someone is convicted of a sex crime, according to the California law. Conviction may result in lengthy prison sentences. Only being charged of sex crime is big shame. But we make sure that you get the fair criminal process which is your right. There are plenty of lawyers you can choose from who are capable of handling these charges aggressively because of the perception people have developed about these cases.



According to the California law, covers different offenses in which a party is accused of creating an unfair benefit for him or herself or causes someone a loss. Only a talented San Francisco fraud lawyer knows how to reduce the impact of these charges which could be seriously damaging for your career as well as personal life. A few examples of the fraud include forgery and identity theft, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, identity theft and bank fraud.


Immigrants Facing Criminal Charges in San Francisco

If you are not a citizen of the United States, conviction of criminal charges can be seriously destructive for your professional career often resulting in deportation, no matter the agreement states no jail time. Your criminal record can be a big hurdle if you are thinking about applying for permanent residence status in the United States. Pick a lawyer who can develop a legal strategy which can make things simple for you. Feel free to browse San Francisco criminal defense lawyers complete listing above.


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