San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyers

It is not difficult to find criminal defense lawyers in San Diego. These attorneys have impressive record as well as they are based in San Diego. This is the perfect platform for anyone to find competent lawyer.

This fact is understandable that finding competent lawyers is not an easy thing to do. We have gathered information of lawyers who have achieved unmatchable success in their career as they handled cases of almost every type starting from DUI and domestic violence to rap. You can’t find lawyers with such an impressive success stories anywhere else. We are trusted because we deliver. Life does not give you a second chance, so always go for the best.

As it is clear from the portfolios of these lawyers, they have been handling cases of all kinds in their career like DUI, violent crime charges, sex crime charges, financial crime charges, domestic violence charges, drug charges, burglary and theft and weapon crimes. There is no need to have any kind of hesitation as you can get free consultation. Our job is to offer people best options available in San Diego. It is the relation of trust which is the main reason behind whatever we do. 

Marc David Adelman criminal defense lawyer in San Diego

Marc David Adelman

Marc David Adelman, a San Diego based Litigation, Car accident, Business, Insurance, Ethics and professional responsibility, Wrongful death lawyer, can be contacted in office at 2488 Historic Decatur Rd Ste 200 San Diego, CA, 92106. The practice of law was started in 1978 after achieving the degree of JD - Juris Doctor from Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Marc David Adelman is a specialist in Litigation, Car accident

Phone(619) 297-7707
Frederick Martin Dudek

Frederick Martin Dudek

Frederick Martin Dudek is an extra ordinary Car accident, Motorcycle accident, Trucking accident, Slip and fall accident, Defective and dangerous products lawyer and the office located at 9820 Willow Creek Road Suite 470 San Diego, CA, 92131. Frederick Martin Dudek studied law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and acquired the degree of JD - Juris Doctor. Frederick Martin Dudek began to practice law in 1992 and gained

Phone(858) 530-4800
James Gordon Lieberman

James Gordon Lieberman

James Gordon Lieberman, specialized in Car accident, Defective and dangerous products, Insurance, Slip and fall accident and lives in San Diego. The office of this talented lawyer located at 1901 1st Ave Ste 335 San Diego, CA, 92101. In year 1979, James Gordon Lieberman got license to practice law and earned law education from University of San Diego School of Law. James Gordon Lieberman is a professional Car accident, Defective and dangerous products, Insurance

Phone(619) 239-5600
Scott Spencer Harris

Scott Spencer Harris

Scott Spencer Harris, one of the best Ethics and professional responsibility, Health care, Car accident lawyers, is based in San Diego and office is situated at 555 West Beech Street Suite 302 San Diego, CA, 92101. Scott Spencer Harris was licensed to practice law in 1991. Ethics and professional responsibility, Health care, Car accident are main areas of practice. Scott Spencer Harris went to California Western School of Law

Phone(866) 934-2432
David Park

David Park

David Park, a well reputed Workers compensation, Motorcycle accident, Car accident lawyer in San Diego, has an office located at 7801 Mission Center Court, Suite 400 San Diego, CA, 92108. David Park acquired license to practice law in 1996. Principal practice areas include Workers compensation, Motorcycle accident, Car accident. You simply have to dial (619) 795-9555 to set up

Phone(619) 795-9555
John David Pickett

John David Pickett

John David Pickett studied law at California Western School of Law. John David Pickett has been practicing law since 1981. Now the lawyer is ranked among San Diego's best Car accident, Insurance, Nursing home abuse and neglect, Wrongful death attorneys. Pick up your phone now and dial (619) 234-6647 and get suggestion in John David Pickett's office which you can find at 600 B St #1550 San

Phone(619) 234-6647
Michelle Linnette Gershen

Michelle Linnette Gershen

People contact lawyers like Michelle Linnette Gershen when they are in trouble. They simply dial (619) 861-7781, and get advice in the lawyer's office situated at 4653 Carmel Mountain Rd Ste 308 77 San Diego, CA, 92130-6650. They actually know that only Car accident, Construction and development, Defective and dangerous products, Employment and labor, Ethics and professional responsibility attorney like Michelle Linnette Gershen have what they want. Michelle

Phone(619) 861-7781
Michael Bruce Sayre

Michael Bruce Sayre

Michael Bruce Sayre, a prominent Brain injury, Business, Car accident, Litigation, Motorcycle accident attorney can be contacted at (619) 233-5945. You must be happy to learn about expert opinion you will avail in the lawyer's office sited at 402 W Broadway Ste 860 San Diego, CA, 92101-8506. Michael Bruce Sayre is a lawyer who completed

Phone(619) 233-5945
Devin Thomas Shoecraft

Devin Thomas Shoecraft

Devin Thomas Shoecraft attended University of San Francisco School of Law which has produced a number of talented Insurance, Car accident, Landlord-tenant attorneys. Devin Thomas Shoecraft studied law to earn a JD - Juris Doctor degree. In 2008 Devin Thomas Shoecraft started practicing law and developed interest in Insurance, Car accident, Landlord-tenant cases. Now people just dial (619) 794-2280 to ask about Free consultation (3

Phone(619) 794-2280
Jose Ramon Ros

Jose Ramon Ros

Jose Ramon Ros attended Western Sierra Law School which has produced a number of talented Car accident, attorneys. Jose Ramon Ros studied law to earn a JD - Juris Doctor degree. In 2000 Jose Ramon Ros started practicing law and developed interest in Car accident, cases. Now people just dial (619) 338-8118 to ask about advice. Jose Ramon Ros greets clients in a well

Phone(619) 338-8118
Newell Elliott Cumming

Newell Elliott Cumming

If you dial (760) 747-6600, you can talk to Newell Elliott Cumming who is a famous Business, Personal injury, Contracts and agreements, Car accident attorney. For suggestion you will have to visit Newell Elliott Cumming's office located at 145 S Fig St Ste L Escondido, CA, 92025-4453. Newell Elliott Cumming was a student of

Phone(760) 747-6600
Jerod D. Smith criminal defense lawyer in San Diego

Jerod D. Smith

Visit Jerod D. Smith's office which you find at 750 B St Suite 3300 San Diego, CA, 92101 now. Talk to Jerod D. Smith if you are facing Personal injury, Employment and labor, Car accident, Estate planning, Landlord-tenant charges. Jerod D. Smith offers forty five minutes free consultation which you can get by simply dialing (619) 431-1569. Since 2014 the lawyer is practicing law. Jerod D. Smith studied

Phone(619) 431-1569

San Diego Criminal Defense Attorneys Practice Areas


DUI Defense

For San Diego drivers’ blood alcohol content of .08 is over the legal limit, according to California Law. Getting arrested for driving under influence (DUI) can be very damaging for your career. A talented lawyer can make your life easy by making your case strong. You should not take DUI lightly as conviction may result in large fines and imprisonment.

Drugs Crimes

The approval of medical marijuana laws in California has created confusions in the minds of people. They are still not clear about the law. Only a specialized San Diego drug crime lawyer can defend people arrested and charged for alleged marijuana crimes. A good lawyer can resolve the matter without going to the trial which also saves clients’ money.

Domestic Violence

Like other cities of California, domestic violence crimes are aggressively prosecuted in San Diego. If you are convicted of domestic violence you may have to go to jail for up to one year or there may be large fines, mandatory alcohol education classes and mandatory counseling sessions. But a competent attorney does his best to keep you out of trouble.

Assault and Battery

Assault and battery charges are linked with incidents like domestic disputes, fights in bars and road rage incidents. Assault and battery cases are commonly handled cases in San Diego courts. Those who are found guilty in these cases may have to face jail sentence which is not a good thing for their professional as well as personal life.

Theft and Burglary

California law divides burglary into two categories, first degree burglary and second degree burglary. Proving that you really stole something is not the priority of the state, instead proving your intent is their main priority. If you are found guilty it may result in large fines and imprisonment. You need a talented defense lawyer who can present your case in an efficient way.

Sex Crimes

You may have to face serious charges, according to the California law, if you are found guilty of sex crimes. You may be sent to jail for a long time. Being charged of sex crimes is always very embarrassing. Have a look on profiles of the lawyers and choose the lawyer which best suits your needs.


Fraud law covers various kinds of offenses in which one party is accused of causing the other party a loss. The impact of these charges can be reduced if you have hired the services of an experienced fraud lawyer. Forgery and identity theft, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud and bank fraud are common examples of fraud cases handled by a fraud lawyer.

Criminal Charges

Those who are convicted of criminal charges and they are not U.S. citizens, can be in serious trouble. Deportation is the common end result of the cases in which foreigners are found guilty, keeping the fact aside that your agreement states no jail time. Those interested in permanent residence status in America should not take criminal charges lightly at any cost. Feel free to browse complete listing of  San Diego criminal defense lawyers.

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San Diego is an important city in California. The population of the city is more than 1.3 million which makes the city 2nd largest city in California and 8th largest city of America. The city is famous for its natural deep-water harbor, extensive beaches and much more. The city is also considered as the birthplace of California. In 1850 San Diego became a part of the United States. San Diego has very important contribution in the economy of the state. Military, defense-related activities, tourism, international trade and manufacturing are the primary economic engines of the city. University of California, San Diego is the second largest employer of the city after United States navy. Read more