Criminal Defense Lawyer Qualifications

Criminal law scope of specialization is related to dealing with defense of cases related to criminal domain. Criminal lawyer can provide its services as expert of specific field, public defender as well as private attorney. According to US Bureau of Statistics most criminal lawyer are involved in private practice. An individual needs to pass number of qualification for in order to accomplish a criminal law degree.

Required Education

Criminal lawyer degree can be undertaken when you have a bachelor degree in hand. Bachelor degree is accomplished by undertaking four year undergraduate study program. Though there is no undergraduate subject advised as pre law option, individual keen to go for criminal law should go for the specific law majors as an undergraduate. Some of the area that aids an individual in becoming a criminal law covers public speaking, government, writing, history and politics as well. Three year law program needs to be undertaken at a law school or any institution in order to get a criminal degree after graduation. Getting yourself registered in law school is difficult task as success of your enrollment is dependent on your undergraduates’ grades, any past experience as well as score obtained by you on (LSAT) Law School Admission Test. The first year of the program is largely focused on core areas such as contract law, torts constitutional law and civil procedures. In the remaining two years individual will be taught according to their specific specialization to give them required experiences by giving them opportunity to participate in mock trail activities and competitions in order to give them a more profound understanding of criminal law.


Every individual is required to have a license in order to practice law, for this purpose individual is required to sit in bar exam of the relevant city where he will be planning to practice in future. The pre requisite for such type of exam is bachelor and three year law school degree. All States excluding Louisiana and Washington have compulsion of passing grade on six hour (MBE) Multi State Bar Exam and three hour (MEE) Multi Essay Exam. The state of Louisiana and Washington has a compulsion for MEE in addition to their locally prepared state exam, (MPRE) Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam is also a compulsion in some of the state.

Personal Qualification

Some personal traits such as leadership, responsibility and morality needs to be strictly embedded in an individual personality aim for criminal law practice. Potential criminal lawyers of the future need to be good at making new liaison networks and need to have natural speaking traits in a manner that depicts authority and confidence to every extent. Attribute of creativity is also very much important as it help an individual to coupe up with a diverse scope of problems in an effective manner.