What Is Criminal Law

Any individual who is involved in violation of any state law or commit an offence of criminal nature such cases are dealt with the criminal law. In criminal law, both federal and state laws are applicable if the committed crime violates the jurisdiction of both state and federal laws at the same time. The extent of violation determines the court in which the defendant will be contesting his case.

Felony v Misdemeanor

Generally crimes are divided into two broad categories felonies and misdemeanors the nature of crimes that falls in both of these domains will determine the relevant punishment the defendant will be facing. In Felony (high crime) an individual may face death plenty or imprisonment that can be more than one year and in some cases it may be less than one year. In many states it is seen that in law the felony is subdivided into different categories each having a different punishment requirement. Man slaughter, murder, rape, robbery, racktering are some of the crimes that fall in the domain of felony.

Crimes such as trespassing, traffic violations, petty theft, assault and battery and public intoxication fall in the domain of misdemeanor in such crimes the prison time is one year or fine ,depending upon the nature of case.

Scope of Functions of Criminal Lawyer

The scope of criminal lawyer defense is not limited to an individual in fact criminal cases of organizations that fall in private and public sector are also incorporated in the scope of criminal lawyer job descriptions. The main purpose of criminal lawyer  defense  of accuse is that to investigate the case and try to chalk out a strategy either through cross examination of witness if witness is presented in addition present any piece of information in the courts that help the accused to get benefit of doubt.

Reason for Expansion of Criminal Law


Many reasons have contributed to the expansion of criminal .Introduction of different it platform such as It, issues of drunk driving, financial crimes committed in stock exchanges and other financial institutions, environment issues and crimes that are related to violation of consumer rights. The changes or issues that occur due to our interaction to new technologies such as ATM or other It platforms have increased the need to broaden the scope of criminal law.

Many citizens are now falling under the jurisdiction of criminal law as there is increase in number of individuals that are going into prison though many other reasons such as videos evidence presented in criminal cases have also contribute to an increase in the expansion of criminal law. Moreover, the federal scope of legislation over the period also has increased that have made legal system more complex as it is becomes harder to determines he jurisdiction over ride in many cases.