Characteristics of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Personal characteristics of a good criminal defense lawyer, information and attributes of an effective defense attorney.

The education of criminal lawyer is not the only thing that count when you hire a criminal lawyer in fact characteristics of criminal lawyer are also very important. The characteristics of criminal lawyer such as courageous attitude strong negotiation cells are some of the important factors that count a lot with respect of characteristics of criminal lawyer as these characteristics are very important with respect to handling different phases of criminal trial.


Experience criminal lawyer is very important especially when your life is at stake. Experience with respect to selection of jury, cross examination of witness, developing defense strategy and ratio of successful trial are significant input to look for in experience of criminal lawyer.


The reputation of lawyer that you will be hiring for your trial is important. A reputed lawyer is one who has handled high profile cases and generally the lawyer who have higher ratio of wins as compared to other lawyer, enjoys a high reputation. Good reputation counts a lot in highlighting the credentials of the lawyer and has a lot of experience of handling different phases of criminal trial.

Busy Work Hours

The tight working schedule of the lawyer also signifies his level of expertise. Layers who are always available to you are the one who have not been able to attract large number of clients and may not be the one you are looking for.

Try to Hire Local One 

Since good criminal lower cost a lot it is better to find a reputable one in your locality. This will help you to cut some of the travelling expenses that you may incur if your criminal lawyer is located outside your normal reach. This becomes more important if the period of trial extends long then the expected.


Since your life will be at stake a courageous criminal lawyer is very important. The criminal lawyer should have the ability to handle tough situations such as cross examination of witness presented in the court, alternate course of action for defense strategy. Criminal lawyer who is courageous will have the ability to counter attack the arguments and threats posed by prosecution.

Relentlessness Tendencies

Relentlessness attitude of lawyer while pursuing your criminal case is very important. Since in many cases situation arises which require extensive research and referencing from previous cases this all requires a lot relentleness work. Some time consultation or acquisition of information from different government department and agencies is also required which require intensive handwork by your criminal lawyer.

Effective Negotiation Skills

Some personality traits such as negotiation skills are very important for a criminal lawyer. Strong negation skill of criminal layer will help to gain more benefit from plea bargain deal as well as different phases of the criminal trial can be adequately controlled and managed before and during the criminal trial.